Omg, I think I just experienced one of the best dreams ever.
Picture this: 
You're throwing a pool party (Who cares if you don't have a pool, make it up.)
And all your friends are coming so you're pretty excited.
...And addition to them almost every JE Idol you know comes into your backyard to make the party right. 

Okay, so I don't remember every single part to the dream yet, considering I just woke up. But I'm writing it down for future reference lmao 
The one part I don't really remember yet is Ryo stole my underwear and then everybody joined in like throwing it around. But I know wtf, that doesn't make sense since you don't wear underwear in the water.. o_o .. Yeah, my dreams don't make sense anyway.
Oh yeah and I could tell my dream was taking place recently because only Kame was there from Kat-tun (though I remember hanging out with Nakamaru at one point...) and he told me the reason was because of the summer concerts.. LMAO I guess Kame got the day off? wtf?
AND I THINK JOHNNY WAS THERE LMAO. Cause I asked an old guy when they were coming back and he said never because they're too busy. D:

But I haven't told you the best part yet...
Kame kissed me!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD TWICE
Dude, I have no idea where in my brain this was pulled out of but I usually don't fangirl over Kame often at all. But now this morning I'm all giddy and feeling the love for Kame.

Oh and now that I think of it apparently my best friend Shannon wasn't there (LMAO she's the only one of my friends who likes JE D:) because I remember texting her that Kame kissed me and she didn't believe me D;

The fandom & the perfect boy

Hi everybody, I haven’t written in forever I know. I’m very sorry, and I’m typing this from work right now so gotta make it quick >__<

Today I was reminded why I don’t read JE rumors.

Especially ones involving Jin… @__@

I know that a lot of people make JE boys into the pretty little mold they want them to be, trust me I do it too. You see them flash a smile and sing so sweet and sensual you just believe they’re perfect. And the reality is nobody is perfect.

I guess it’s just so hard for me because coming up is a year anniversary since I fell in love with JE, and I can honestly say it’s been the best year of my life. No joke.

JE has helped me so much through many struggles in my life and whenever I just want to escape from reality, these boys and the amazing wonderful girls (and boys!) of the fandom.

I can say with almost 100% certainty that I will be staying in this fandom for a very long time.


[Chapter One] My Bedtime Fairytale

Title: My Bedtime Fairytale 
Pairings: Akame,  JinxOC (One-sided), Ryoda, Jinru & Pikame (More to come..?) 
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Humor
Summary: Hannah Kamenashi never thought her life was fair. Of Russian decent, and adopted by the Kamenashi’s at a young age, she never really fit into Japanese society and was thus ridiculed by all of her school mates. Plus, her brother was always having wild parties and most of them were a bunch of guys drinking their hearts away and letting out all their sexual frustration on each other. The only time Hannah ever escapes from her life is when she is asleep and her prince, Jin Akanishi, whisks her away into a never ending fairytale. Too bad he’s her brother’s boyfriend. A twisted modern-day Cinderella Story. 
Disclaimer: I only own Hannah and this storyline. The rest of the boys that appear in this story are owned by Johnny-sama and I am a mere fangirl who will sadly never own them (;3;) 
 Chapter One: A Forgotten Dream
Collapse )
Hannah knew it was wrong for her to like Jin. She just couldn’t help being physically attracted to him since she was younger, before him and her brother had become lovers, and she slowly became addicted to his small giggles and stunning smiles. 
Hannah had also known her brother wasn’t normal. Her childhood friend Tegoshi Yuya had started putting up pictures of girls in his room after his 11th birthday which Hannah always found discomforting and she always urged Tegoshi to take them down, which he eventually did. 
When Hannah always went into her brother’s room though, it was very neat since he had very apparent OCD about cleanliness and he never looked at pictures of girls saying ‘It was repulsive and a not right thing to do.’ Hannah always respected this about her older brother and always told him she wanted to be like him when she was older, but one day when she walked in on her brother and Jin kissing she thought that maybe Kame wasn’t like the other boys.
Hannah sighed, pushing her blonde hair aggressively to the side which the wind kept picking up and bringing back in front of her face. She swore one of these days she would just shave her head since her hair annoyed her more than made her happy like the other girls in her school. She spotted what looked like a new student and smiled running up to the younger girl.
“Hi, are you a new student here? My name is Hannah Kamenashi, I’m a third year here so if there’s anything I can help you with, feel free to talk to me.”
The younger girl looked at Hannah in surprise and slight disgust as she stared at her blonde locks.
“Is that your natural hair color? It’s quite revolting, you should think of dying it if you ever want to fit in, foreigner.” 
The girl scurried away without another word and Hannah sighed, slinging her bag over her shoulder and walked toward the school at a slower pace. The people she had to deal with in this world.
“Ngh- J-Jin!”
Kame looked down at Jin with half lidded eyes. The latter smiled lazily as he swirled his tounge around Kame’s cock slowly.
Kame wanted to push away badly, he glanced at the time which read 4:00. Hannah would be home very soon. He wanted to push away and tell Jin that they shouldn’t continue because he didn’t want to upset Hannah even more than this morning but when Jin suddenly deep throated Kame he let out a shameless moan and bucked his hips forward and more into the tight heat that felt so good around his hard cock.  
“J-Jin, I’m going to come...” 
Jin made slight humming noises that he knew provoked Kame even further to come straight down Jin’s throat. Jin swallowed quickly and slowly proceeded to clean the cum from Kame’s cock, sliding up on the bed to cradle his boyfriend. He too knew of Hannah arrival soon and just hoped she wouldn’t need to come into her brother’s room for any reason. 
Hannah blasted the music on her music player so loud she swore that her eardrums would burst any second. Which was exactly what she needed right now. Sure, when Hannah had arrived home after going out to dinner with her friends Kame and Jin were naked and asleep in each other’s arms so Hannah had thought she escaped having to hear their cries of pleasure throughout the night. Well, she was wrong. 
Hannah slammed her fist on her desk and suddenly pulled her headphones out and stomp to her brother’s room. On a rush of adrenaline she threw open the door only to find Jin slamming hard into Kame’s ass as he moaned in pleasure, throwing his head back and slamming back into Jin with the same force. Hannah suddenly felt embarrassed and humiliated now knowing the two would stop their love-making session just because she barged in. Carefully she stepped out of the room making sure the two didn’t notice her and went back to her own only deciding to just talk to Tegoshi on her cell phone for the rest of the night. 
A/N: Well that was painful and short D: I promise the next chapter will be much better I just wanted to update. Stay tuned! 
Preview of Chapter 2 :

“I can’t stop making love to you Jin when my sister is around and I know it hurts her, I see it in her eyes just when I see Jin I loose all control.” 

"Maybe we need to take a honeymoon or something for a week where we can just have sex the whole time..?" 

“I think we should just take a vacation from each other... I’m sorry Jin.”

[Prologue] My Bedtime Fairytale

Title: My Bedtime Fairytale 
Pairings: JinxOC (One-sided), Ryoda, TegoshixOC (again, one-sided), Akame, & Pikame (More to come..?) 
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Humor
Summary: Hannah Kamenashi never thought her life was fair. Of Russian decent, and adopted by the Kamenashi’s at a young age, she never really fit into Japanese society and was thus ridiculed by all of her school mates. Plus, her brother was always having wild parties and most of them were a bunch of guys drinking their hearts away and letting out all their sexual frustration on each other. The only time Hannah ever escapes from her life is when she is asleep and her prince, Jin Akanishi, whisks her away into a never ending fairytale. Too bad he’s her brother’s boyfriend. A twisted modern-day Cinderella Story. 
Disclaimer: I only own Hannah and this storyline. The rest of the boys that appear in this story are owned by Johnny-sama and I am a mere fangirl who will sadly never own them (;3;) 
Collapse )
Hannah knew this was a dream. She’d been having the same for two years now. And she knew that she would regret waking up in the morning. At this moment though, nothing in her real life mattered. In this part of her dream she was sitting in the middle of a flower field that was all too familiar. The wind played slowly with her long blonde hair and her green eyes shut, startled, if the wind picked up too quickly. She waited for her prince. Yes, he was her prince. With his bold dark brown hair and piercing dark eyes she always fell for him the second she laid eyes on him. Having this dream so many times now Hannah knew the man’s first words by heart.
“Hannah-hime, it’s time for the ball. Are you ready?”
Hannah smiled and bobbed her head up and down as she gently grabbed Jin’s hand. The two walked slowly through the field hand-in-hand and Hannah decided to stop the two and start dancing slowly outside the ball. Jin would give her a confused look and she would always laugh and say ‘Isn’t it more romantic to dance outside a ballroom than inside one?’ Then Jin would laugh, agreeing and start to close the gap between them. Hannah closed her eyes and started inching closer too, this was always her favorite part of her dream...
Hannah groaned as she heard the sound of her older brother’s voice and proceeded to take her pillow and throw it at his face. She mumbled something about him interrupting the best part and got up, pushing her way past him at the doorway. Kame stared at his grumpy younger sister as she slammed the bathroom door shut and thought that she must be PMSing or some girl thing like that. Kame sighed and went back to the kitchen where he massaged his temples and stared at his sloppy boyfriend, devouring something that looked and smelled horrible. He had claimed to be his ‘Morning Love Breakfast Special!’ which Kame denied eating in a second after seeing it. 
“Mou, Kame, you’re way too skinny look your all skin and bones and no muscle!” 
Jin emphasized this point by poking Kame’s ticklish sides as he scooted farther away from his boyfriend with disgust.
“If I’m too skinny Jin then you’re way too fat, look at you. You’re a mess!” 
Jin pouted and searched for Kame’s younger sister for comfort. He leaned his chair back to peek into the hallway and saw the 3rd year drag her bag down the hallway tiredly. 
“Ah, Hannah-chan! Please tell your brother to stop making fun of me!”
Hannah immediately jerked out of her tired state and stared at her prince of her dreams right in front of her eyes. She blushed as she stared at his expectant face, he look as if he wanted her to beat Kame up for him or something. Hannah quickly coughed and glared daggers at her brother. 
“Kame, can you stop being such an asshole to everybody in your path? Maybe if you looked at other people’s feelings once in awhile you would realize what a big jerk you were.”
Kame gaped at his moody younger sister as she grabbed her bento box off the table and sat in between the two. Jin clapped for Hannah and laughed at how awesome she was for sticking up for him. Hannah let out a shy smile and bowed to Jin, she was about to go when she realized it was unusual for Jin to stay over for the night even though Kame and Hannah lived without their parents. 
“Ne Jin, why are you here anyway? Did Kame have another wild party last night..?”
Jin laughed and shook his head as he went to go straddle a struggling Kame. Hannah almost regretted asking. Jin thought it would be a good idea to stop Kame’s struggling by grinding his hips down into the younger. Kame let out a soft moan and Hannah turned away from the all too familiar sight. Okay, she definitely regretted asking. 
As Jin was about to explain his reason for staying over he realized Hannah was already gone and running down the street. Kame looked at his little sister and didn’t fail to notice the tears streaming down her face. A sight he had known too well. Kame couldn’t help but feel like a horrible older brother but when Jin started thrashing their hips together again he had forgot what he had even been thinking. Just like every other time Hannah had walked in on the two having sex.
A/N: Yes this is the prologue. I wrote it on a whim and I’ll admit I am horrible at writing multi-chapters because I always get sidetracked. If you liked it though, please leave a comment, your thoughts, what I can do to make the story better, etc. And then I probably will continue onto chapter one

Trying to motivate myself to write...

Fandoms : Hey! Say! Jump, Kat-Tun, News, and Arashi
Pairings : Various

Yes, I'm actually going to do one of these prompt tables.
This is pretty much a writing exersize of mine where I'm going to try and do one of these almost every day.
I know I'll probably fail but, whatever.
Oh and it's not going to all be a specific pairing. Probably whatever I feel in the mood for.

JE fangirls: You are my entertainment and my sanity.

I decided I would actually make this entry public because this is dedicated to every single JE fangirl out there. Not just ones on my F-List.

I forgot how awesome it was to be a JE fangirl.
For a measly five minutes I was browsing through Shugo Chara videos because, I don't know why, but I started searching yaoi pairings because that's who I am.  And that's how I roll.
Okay, so there happens to be a yaoi video and all these stupid shugotards were like "OMG EWWWWWW. YAOI NOT KEWL. I WANT MY HET OTP COPURU NOW DESUYO~!"
And I'm just thinking "..Where is my fandom that het couplings are abnormal ;3;?"
So here's the comment I left:
" See the problem with most SC! fans is they all can't take yaoi. My friends, step out of anime and go into the Johnny's Entertainment fandom for awhile. We don't bite. We just pair hot guys together because it's hot. I think that there's nothing wrong with being gay and that anime's should throw in a couple like KukaixTadase in the mix for the hell of it. Because this is the world, and everybody is different. "
 So yeah, I know I showed them :D 
I love all you girls, even the ones I don't know, let's show them the sparkly awesomeness of yaoi~ 

Dead & Gone

Title: Dead & Gone
Author: xx-me-myself-I [aka. Me xD]
Genre: Angst & Fluff in one

Rating: PG
Pairing: Yamajima
Word Count: 966
Author's note: Drabble I wrote up quickly because I thought of the idea for some reason. Yamada’s POV.
Summary: Missing somebody is a horrible feeling. Never being able to see them again is worse.


Collapse )



“Yamada, how many times do I need to tell you that it’s a kick left turn not right?!”



I bowed at the dance instructor as he held up the ten member group once again. Well, I should say nine members now.


“Yama-chan, I know it’s a excruciating dance lesson, but please bear with it, alright?”


The older member and friend, Yabu Kota, patted me on the back as I nodded. The dance wasn’t that difficult, it was quite easy. We had been dancing to that new “Passion JUMP” song of some sort for Volleyball support once again.


I could vividly picture the press conference held just weeks before. I remembered receiving tons of fan mail anticipating the new song, and I was as well. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was one of the more popular members and I could see the envy in everybody’s faces as I received the tons of fan letters. Sometimes I wished to share the love with the other members as well.


Back to practice. The dance felt like plenty of hip thrusting and twirling to make any girl feel like fainting. But it was only natural that we had to step up our game now. And it was only natural that I felt out of place at the dance rehearsals.


Last week all my fan mail started to get depressing ‘Sorry for your loss Yama-chan’ they would all say.

As if I needed a reminder.


It was that very cold hard truth that Yuto Nakajima was dead. Gone for good. All because of a stupid train accident that didn’t even kill anybody, except the person closest to me. All because Yuto gave an old lady his seat and decided that it was okay to stand when there was no place to hang on. All because ‘Oh it’s only a ten minute ride I’ll be alright.’


But, obviously, it wasn’t alright, especially for me, Yamada Ryosuke.

I remember that last casual conversation I had with him. If only I knew it would be my last. I would’ve taken his face in my hands, even in public, no matter how weird it seemed. I would press my lips against him and slowly caress him telling him I loved him. That would have satisfied me much more. Now he will never know how much I cared about him, more than a friend.

Dance rehearsal was finally over. I still got stares from the other members, more encouraging from the 7 members and more disapproving from the BEST members. They all told me to feel better, and I could tell they just hoped I would snap out of it after Yuto’s funeral, tomorrow.

I finally decided the only way to get rid of the pain was by more pain. Working my dancing skills to the limit and focus all my energy on that and none on Yuto. Sometimes I would think of the times we practiced together and Yuto would complement my dancing. Joking and telling me that he wanted to be just like me when he grew up.

I finally fell after trying the kick turn another time. I heard the instructor’s mad voice in my head but decided to give up and head home. I felt like that was my life at the moment, just give up.



That night I had a dream. And in that dream Yuto came to me.

He stroked my face lightly and gave me short and sweet kisses. It felt like he was really there. I couldn’t help smiling for the first time in a long time. Then after many shows of affection he sighed and spoke to me for the first time.

“Yama-chan, you know I’m dead now right?”

The sudden reality brought tears to my eyes. I clutched onto Yuto possessively and clenched my eyes shut.

Yuto unexpectedly laughed and rubbed my back in slow, soothing motions.

“You can be such a baby sometimes Yama-chan. What I’m trying to say is, don’t waste your life mourning over me. You're only 15, you should live your life the best you can. There are plenty of girls that would bury themselves alive for you, stud!”

Yuto laughed again, but it died out shortly as he lifted my face to stare into his eyes.

“Promise me. Promise me that you’ll be happy, because a sad Yama-chan makes me VERY sad.”

I regretted it, but I nodded, unable to resist Yuto’s wishes.

“But, only if you come into my dreams every night and treat me like you were still alive.”

I gave a little pout for emphasis and Yuto grinned, pinning me down to the ground.

“Yamada Ryosuke, anything to please you.”




Fangirls and Stalkers ; The Day in the Life of a HSJ Member - Ryutaro Morimoto

[I know I posted this to GW but I wanted to but it on HSJ communities and such. Plus, you might want to read it again O: Fat Chance]

Title : Fangirls & Stalkers ;; The Day In the Life of a HSJ Member

Fandom : Hey! Say! JUMP

Genre : Friendship/Slice of Life

Rating : PG-13 [for crazed stalkers & mild language]

Disclaimer : If I owned HSJ, would I be sitting here right now?

Series Summary : Every Chapter will describe a HSJ member describing life with a hardcore fanbase. In Age Order.

Chapter Summary : Ryutaro Morimoto describes life as a shotacon.

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*Feedback is appreciated :D*