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[Chapter One] My Bedtime Fairytale

Title: My Bedtime Fairytale 
Pairings: Akame,  JinxOC (One-sided), Ryoda, Jinru & Pikame (More to come..?) 
Rating: PG-15
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Humor
Summary: Hannah Kamenashi never thought her life was fair. Of Russian decent, and adopted by the Kamenashi’s at a young age, she never really fit into Japanese society and was thus ridiculed by all of her school mates. Plus, her brother was always having wild parties and most of them were a bunch of guys drinking their hearts away and letting out all their sexual frustration on each other. The only time Hannah ever escapes from her life is when she is asleep and her prince, Jin Akanishi, whisks her away into a never ending fairytale. Too bad he’s her brother’s boyfriend. A twisted modern-day Cinderella Story. 
Disclaimer: I only own Hannah and this storyline. The rest of the boys that appear in this story are owned by Johnny-sama and I am a mere fangirl who will sadly never own them (;3;) 
 Chapter One: A Forgotten Dream
Hannah knew it was wrong for her to like Jin. She just couldn’t help being physically attracted to him since she was younger, before him and her brother had become lovers, and she slowly became addicted to his small giggles and stunning smiles. 
Hannah had also known her brother wasn’t normal. Her childhood friend Tegoshi Yuya had started putting up pictures of girls in his room after his 11th birthday which Hannah always found discomforting and she always urged Tegoshi to take them down, which he eventually did. 
When Hannah always went into her brother’s room though, it was very neat since he had very apparent OCD about cleanliness and he never looked at pictures of girls saying ‘It was repulsive and a not right thing to do.’ Hannah always respected this about her older brother and always told him she wanted to be like him when she was older, but one day when she walked in on her brother and Jin kissing she thought that maybe Kame wasn’t like the other boys.
Hannah sighed, pushing her blonde hair aggressively to the side which the wind kept picking up and bringing back in front of her face. She swore one of these days she would just shave her head since her hair annoyed her more than made her happy like the other girls in her school. She spotted what looked like a new student and smiled running up to the younger girl.
“Hi, are you a new student here? My name is Hannah Kamenashi, I’m a third year here so if there’s anything I can help you with, feel free to talk to me.”
The younger girl looked at Hannah in surprise and slight disgust as she stared at her blonde locks.
“Is that your natural hair color? It’s quite revolting, you should think of dying it if you ever want to fit in, foreigner.” 
The girl scurried away without another word and Hannah sighed, slinging her bag over her shoulder and walked toward the school at a slower pace. The people she had to deal with in this world.
“Ngh- J-Jin!”
Kame looked down at Jin with half lidded eyes. The latter smiled lazily as he swirled his tounge around Kame’s cock slowly.
Kame wanted to push away badly, he glanced at the time which read 4:00. Hannah would be home very soon. He wanted to push away and tell Jin that they shouldn’t continue because he didn’t want to upset Hannah even more than this morning but when Jin suddenly deep throated Kame he let out a shameless moan and bucked his hips forward and more into the tight heat that felt so good around his hard cock.  
“J-Jin, I’m going to come...” 
Jin made slight humming noises that he knew provoked Kame even further to come straight down Jin’s throat. Jin swallowed quickly and slowly proceeded to clean the cum from Kame’s cock, sliding up on the bed to cradle his boyfriend. He too knew of Hannah arrival soon and just hoped she wouldn’t need to come into her brother’s room for any reason. 
Hannah blasted the music on her music player so loud she swore that her eardrums would burst any second. Which was exactly what she needed right now. Sure, when Hannah had arrived home after going out to dinner with her friends Kame and Jin were naked and asleep in each other’s arms so Hannah had thought she escaped having to hear their cries of pleasure throughout the night. Well, she was wrong. 
Hannah slammed her fist on her desk and suddenly pulled her headphones out and stomp to her brother’s room. On a rush of adrenaline she threw open the door only to find Jin slamming hard into Kame’s ass as he moaned in pleasure, throwing his head back and slamming back into Jin with the same force. Hannah suddenly felt embarrassed and humiliated now knowing the two would stop their love-making session just because she barged in. Carefully she stepped out of the room making sure the two didn’t notice her and went back to her own only deciding to just talk to Tegoshi on her cell phone for the rest of the night. 
A/N: Well that was painful and short D: I promise the next chapter will be much better I just wanted to update. Stay tuned! 
Preview of Chapter 2 :

“I can’t stop making love to you Jin when my sister is around and I know it hurts her, I see it in her eyes just when I see Jin I loose all control.” 

"Maybe we need to take a honeymoon or something for a week where we can just have sex the whole time..?" 

“I think we should just take a vacation from each other... I’m sorry Jin.”
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