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 Omg, I think I just experienced one of the best dreams ever.
Picture this: 
You're throwing a pool party (Who cares if you don't have a pool, make it up.)
And all your friends are coming so you're pretty excited.
...And addition to them almost every JE Idol you know comes into your backyard to make the party right. 

Okay, so I don't remember every single part to the dream yet, considering I just woke up. But I'm writing it down for future reference lmao 
The one part I don't really remember yet is Ryo stole my underwear and then everybody joined in like throwing it around. But I know wtf, that doesn't make sense since you don't wear underwear in the water.. o_o .. Yeah, my dreams don't make sense anyway.
Oh yeah and I could tell my dream was taking place recently because only Kame was there from Kat-tun (though I remember hanging out with Nakamaru at one point...) and he told me the reason was because of the summer concerts.. LMAO I guess Kame got the day off? wtf?
AND I THINK JOHNNY WAS THERE LMAO. Cause I asked an old guy when they were coming back and he said never because they're too busy. D:

But I haven't told you the best part yet...
Kame kissed me!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD TWICE
Dude, I have no idea where in my brain this was pulled out of but I usually don't fangirl over Kame often at all. But now this morning I'm all giddy and feeling the love for Kame.

Oh and now that I think of it apparently my best friend Shannon wasn't there (LMAO she's the only one of my friends who likes JE D:) because I remember texting her that Kame kissed me and she didn't believe me D;
Tags: {fangirling : kamenashi kazuya}, {i tell tales of: dreams}, {this is the summer time}

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