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You know you're a KAT-TUN fan when...

1. You brush off other people hitting high notes because it can't compare to Jin's Gold Ballad Version note. 

2. You attempt to turn your male friends into fans to confuse their sexual identity. 

3. You scream "Why Jennifer Why?" sometimes 

4. Car Shrimp is your favorite type of vehicle and food at the same time.

5. You don't care for ninjas anymore after Kaizokuban. 

6. You want to name your goldfish Junno. 

7. You go up to random people and say "Shall we BOUZU?" 

8. Bye Bicycle is your way of saying bye. (This is genius. I'm totally doing this now)

9. You actually make the bicycle handle movement when you say Bye Bicycle. 

10. The best phone in existence is DoCoMo. 

11. You immediately become a fan of everyone and anyone that appears on Cartoon KAT-TUN. (..xD it's how i find out about people D:)

12. The best lip gloss in existence is Rohto. (YES)

13. You looked up Oshiri Kajiri Mushi because of Kame.

14. You've developed a fascination for turtles because of Kame. (YESYES. Everytime I see a turtle I go like KAME KAME COME HERE KAME)

15. You have an odd desire to put some plaid around your waist. 

16. You tell your friends you want to become a beatboxer. (I tell my brother I want HIM to become a beatboxer xDD)

17. You want to learn how to juggle and tap dance at the same time. (THAT'D BE SO AWESOME)

18. Scream while watching Domoto Koichi things because KAT-TUN took their dance moves from him so that makes you excited.

19. You can fill up 5GB or more in a day. (Easily :P)

20. One mag scan has more MB than a song. (...HEY what if it's a really big good one D:)

21. Adopts Jingrish as you official language.  (I am Punch. Carshrimp?)

22. Scours vintage stores for Rolling Stones shirts and merchandise. 

23. Has thought about buying a Rolling Stones shirt or merchandise online because you couldn't find it after checking the stores.

24. You refuse to download any interview or talk that's not subbed because you know people will sub it. (well obviously :D) 

25. Dropping jewelery into water from a boat is now related to Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and not Titanic. 

26. Think that guys with pelts plastered all over them is pretty hot. 

27. Think that guys with random fingernails painted is pretty hot. 

28. Attempts to learn everything about Baseball which has now become your favorite sport because of Kame. (Whenever I see baseball now I think about Kame xD)

29. Tries to convince your male friends to buy Ed Hardy brand clothes because it's the closest thing to Johnnys.

30. Tell everyone that Dolce and Gabbana is the hottest brand ever, especially for men's underwear. (YESYESYES)

31. Knows all the names of Koki's brothers. 

32. Liked Gackt again because Ueda likes him. 

33. Hated Nishikido Ryo for being mean to KAT-TUN. 

34. Liked Kusano ten-fold more when you found out he was a Kame fanboy. (HADAKA NO SHOUNEN :D)

35. Find yourself buying more accessories and jewelery because of KAT-TUN. 

36. Best musical in the world is Dream Boys hands down. (<333)

37. Has bought more than a thousand dollars worth of KAT-TUN things 

38. Your wallpaper has KAT-TUN. (Yep Kame and Jin :D)

39. Your wallpaper or icon/avatar has something to do with Keep the Faith. 

40. Actually listened to whatever song Yuichi advertises you to listen to while falling asleep in his manual/blog/message thing. 

41. Has completely abandoned all previous fandoms for KAT-TUN. 

42. Thinks something is talking about Kame when you read Nino's name.

43. Guys touching each other, kissing, on top of each other is totally normal. (..DUH :D)

44. You laugh at people who are anti-KAT-TUN or don't know who they are. (Yes. But more so I laugh at the fans xD. Like me :D)

45. All guy's should know how to work a cane, a chair and know how to pole dance. (THIS. THIS. THIS. Guys need to take lessons from Kame)

46. Your friends who don't like them can still name them. (Yep Dom :D) 

47. Support 5 pairings at once because, heck, they're all good.

48. KAT-TUN is your portal to JE. 

49. KAT-TUN is your portal to Hey!Say!7/Jump (Well.. the opposite xD)

50. You think Nakajima Yuto is cool because he's cool with Kame. 

51. All guys should have an obsession with candy like Jin in Yukan. (SEXY)

52. Your goal in life is to find a job that relates to KAT-TUN. (I WANNA BE THEIR SECRETARY lmao.)

53. You reason for going to Japan is because you want to stalk a member of KAT-TUN. 

54. Lip syncing is totally okay with you now. (i've never really minded it xD)

55. You think a real boyband needs to act, sing, dance, fanservice, beatbox, tapdance, do theater, know how to play instruments or else they're posers. (I DON'T THINK THE BACKSTREET BOYS COULD DO THIS NOW COULD THEY)

56. The first time you've been on Yahoo Japan auctions was because of KAT-TUN merchandise. (for Break the Records concert tickets xDD) 

57. The first DVD tour you've bought was KAT-TUN. (Queen of Pirates :DD)

58. The first single you ever bought was KAT-TUN. (nope. Hey! Say! Jump xD)

59. You have never contemplated buying another version of anything till you got into KAT-TUN (I thought it was stupid at first xD)

60. You attempt to give you and your friends a "group" name by rearranging the first letters of your last names. (Since I gave us all members now I guess its DFS-MDM xD)

61. Your PARENTS know who KAT-TUN is and which one is your favorite. (Well my mom has seen the pictures on my door xD)

62. You think Ueda looks better than most if not all jrockers. 

63. You have been turned off by all the guys at your school because none can compare to your favorite KAT-TUN member well (It's true xD)

64. Your binders and notebooks are littered with KAT-TUN pics.

65. Your teacher knows who KAT-TUN is.

66. Your wall has more KAT-TUN than actual... wall. 

67. You refuse to believe that Junno looks like Changmin from DBSK. (

68. You have the subbed and nonsubbed versions of all their PVs in high quality. (my poor hard drive D:)

69. The first lyrics you ever memorized the whole thing of was a KAT-TUN song 

70. Have all 7 versions of Real Face 

71. You left your passion for anime to watch Johnny dramas, screw animation it's all about real bishies (YES. I totally abandoned anime for JE xDDD)

72. Whenever someone mentions cancer or terminal illnesses you think of Yuuki (;3; I cried so much during that special)

73. Whenever you see Oguri Shun you think of him bawling his eyes out in Yuuki 

74. Motorcycles never looked so good till Jin sat on one. (SEXY.)

75. The first time you ever maxed out on Megaupload was after you became a KAT-TUN fan.

76. You spent over an hour trying to hack Megaupload to d/l more KAT-TUN things. (Lmao if I'm really in a fix, yes)

77. You used to think Mr. Johnny was a gay child molester, now you think he's God Again. 

78. You never thought that a guy was hot with a belly button piercing till you saw Jin (Yessir. Yamapi too)

79. You never thought yukatas looked so good till you saw KAT-TUN wearing them (KAME)

80. You have no idea where the hell Uebo came from but you call Ueda that anyway because it's the cutest thing you've ever heard (Aww Uebo <33)

81. You started watching One Piece because Luffy is Jin and Kame's favorite anime character (..He is? xD)

82. Doraemon is the best anime ever (even though you've never watched it) 

83. You quote KAT-TUN lyrics for inspiration. (*pokes LJ title's* Kat-tun - 12 o'clock)

84. Has cried watching the KAT-TUN real face tour 

85. You believe KAT-TUN is good for losing weight, you sweat, writhe, laugh and never have enough money for actual food (This is probably true)

86. You didn't know what OTP or OT3 was before you got into KAT-TUN 

87. You've saved paparazzi photos of their houses (..WHERE CAN I FIND THOSE?)

88. July 4th isn't the U.S independence day anymore it's Jin's birthday! (Sadly true xD)

89. You never cared who Morimoto Shintaro was... until he played Kame's little brother in Dream Boys (I love him xD) 

90. You've listened to the Kame version of Seishun Amigo [more] than the actual version with Yamapi 

91. You watched Blades of Glory and when the guy came out with the peacock all you could think of was Seishin Junno. 

92. You watched Gokusen 2 before you watched Gokusen, if you even watched the first one at all (Nope never watched the first one, never will. Only the 2nd one)

93. Skipped parts of Gokusen 2 unless Kame and Jin were in the frame. 

94. Didn't know any actresses names until you got into KAT-TUN 

95. You used up a lot of brain cells trying to figure out who did the coughing part during Signal (..and I still don't know D:)

96. You always do the hand motion whenever Real Face comes on (♪ giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara ahhh..♪)

97. You would try to eat something that looks complete inedible and gross if someone from KAT-TUN tasted it and said it was Umai (I tried fish last night because Kat-tun eats it, and becasue it's a Japanese thing. It was alright..)

98. You run out of breath more from watching KAT-TUN than you do running during Gym class. (considering I don't run during gym, HELL YEAH) 

99. You want a skull ring 

100. Cross dressing is totally fine with you, in fact you think it's kind of cute 

101. You didn't realize you were that crazy about KAT-TUN until you read the last 100 desсriptions and LOLed when you realized how many applied to you. (...sadly yeah)

TOTAL: 59/100. That's over half. And that's downright sad :D
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